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Noble Experience with Nobel People

“Educate, inspire, connect” is the motto of the Nobel Laureate Meetings on the island of Lindau in Lake Constance, south of Germany. The meeting provides a forum for Nobel Laureates to interact, surrounded by the almost fairytale beauty of the lake with the panoramic view of the Swiss and Austrian Alps in the background.

During summer vacations for a week, young researchers, scientists and Nobel Laureates from all around the globe gather here to interact and that is the reason it is named as "Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting”. This meeting provides a globally recognised forum for the transfer of knowledge between generations of scientists. They inspire and motivate international “best talents” who come form all around the world to meet the Nobel Laureates. Talks and lectures of Nobel Laureates reflect current scientific topics and present important fields of research of the future. In panel discussions, seminars and other events of the program, young researchers nominated by a worldwide network of academic partners, get a chance to exchange ideas with the Nobel Laureates. The first nobel laureate meeting organised on 1951 and then onwards its continuing with no interruption. So it has its own history.


With continuous support from the Nobel Laureates, the meetings are organised with full enthusiasm. Through their lectures and seminars, these outstanding scientists make the meetings interactive, informative and interesting for young researchers who participate in abundance every year.The Lindau Meetings are dedicated to a specific field of research such as physiology or medicine, physics, chemistry and the economic sciences each year.The Nobel laureates freely choose topics of their lectures which range from retrospective to cutting-edge, prospective to visionary. These lectures are conducted in the morning throughout the week. The afternoons are reserved for discussions among the Laureates and the young researchers. Other social programmes and the joint trip to Mainau Island gives yet another networking opportunity to the Laureates and the young scientists.

Since 2001, Department Of Science and Technology (DST) and Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) came together to organise the participation of top young researchers from India in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings. Every year 20-30 students get selected from India for this meeting and they are fully supported by DST and DFG for their visit. This includes Lindau meeting which is followed by a week long tour of several top research institutions spread all over Germany.


The Lindau Meeting 2013 was dedicated to Chemistry. 34 Noble Laureates came to share their experiences. Along them there were 625 students, and young researchers from 78 countries registered their presence. The fact that so many Nobel Laureates and such a huge international researchers audience co-existed at one place made this event unique and finding myself in it had an amazing feeling.

After Lindau Noble Laureates Meeting we got an opportunity to have a tour to universities and research institutions in the field of Chemistry in Regensburg, Berlin, Bonn and Heidelberg. The team assimilated the wider perspective for future studies and possibilities of participating in collaborative research in Germany. The tour, not only showcased the scientific landscape of German universities and research institutions, but also the rich cultural heritage Germany has to offer. The Indian Embassy in Berlin hosted a dinner reception for the young Indian participants and an information session was organised at the DFG Headquarters in Bonn along with a group of Chinese participants.


I must say, this was not just a two weeks tour or a meeting for the participants, it was a life time experience, inspiration and long lasting connections with the world wide participants. Listening to the scientific talks is part of it, but the stories told by the Laureates during interactive session or over dinner were most inspiring. They depicted the path they took when they were of our age . The glow in the eyes of the young researchers showed that the visit motivated them immensely to contribute to the solution of the many challenges the world faces today.

website : http://www.lindau-nobel.org


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Arobendo Mondal

Marie Curie PhD fellow
within the pNMR ITN network,
Technical University of Berlin, Germany


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