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Go for Science Young Ambassadors Program

About GfS Young Ambassadors Program

GfS-YAP is meant to create a constant flow of information among university students all over the globe. In other words, it will act like an information bridge, ensuring that important notifications never go unnoticed, and reach out to all the students across the world. This would be achieved in two ways. Firstly, the young ambassador/s chosen would enlighten other students about relevant opportunities being provided by their universities. Secondly, the GfS information portal receives constant input regarding the same from enthusiastic students around the world which will also be propagated amongst the student community by these ambassador/s.

Eligibility criteria

Students should have an interest in science, and keen to learn more about opportunities in the field of science and ready to share their experiences and knowledge. Students studying in schools, Universities, or pursuing PhD, and post-doctoral studies from all the fields are eligible to be nominated as ambassadors. Additionally, having leadership qualities and friendly nature will be beneficial, especially when organizing public events.


Ambassadors Responsibilities

  • Finding information about PhD /other openings, fellowships, or any other interesting opportunity

  • Updating such information regularly in the GfS group page and website

  • Making other students and friends aware of Go for Science.

  • Organizing meetings at their universities to discuss the problems faced by students in their applications, or if they look for some specific information while looking for opportunities.

  • Answering the queries of students asked on the group and webpage.

  • Networking and sharing information with other ambassadors.

How will you get benefited?
  • The profile of the chosen ambassador/s will be shown on the webpage

  • They will have direct access to the webpage/website for uploading information

  • Most active ambassadors will be rewarded annually.

  • Ambassadors contributing effectively can also be upgraded to the GfS Editorial Board.

  • Being an ambassador will give you great opportunity of networking with other enthusiastic students around the world.

  • You will also be able to build leadership qualities and organizational skills.

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