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Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Widely acclaimed as the number 1 institute for theoretical Physics, PI was set up to provide a platform for innovative and against the stream researchers to work on highly unconventional ideas and make them mainstream. The architecture is silver class and built to "help researchers discover the mysteries of the universe". It is one of the leading centres of research in Quantum gravity.

The PSI program or the Perimeter Scholars International Program is an intensive 10 months masters program where each of the courses are three weeks long with tutorials, homeworks and interviews at the end of the course to help you become proficient in hands on calculations, computations and concepts.Along with this students have to give presentations on course work as well as work on a research essay. The courses are divided into front-end (focuses on revising), core (main courses compulsory for everyone such as qft, con mat, quantum theory, stat mech, GR), review courses (which review certain subjects more thoroughly and students have the option to choose based on their research for example string theory, quantum gravity), exploration courses (hands on calculations in a specialised topic in one of the subjects for example:AdS/CFT in string theory).


Applications can be found on the PSI website http://www.perimeterinstitute.ca/training/about-psi Subject GRE is not required but if you have good general GRE and TOEFL scores, I would urge you to send them. The administrative staff are very helpful. Tailor the SOP to show your strong interest in theoretical physics. You can also include extra-curriculars such as music and writing if you are interested.


If you are looking to only do research and not deal with too much stress, then this course can be quite a burden. This is more suited for people looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in a broader variety of research in theoretical physics. Many people also come here looking for a phd position and as far as my experience goes, once you work on an essay with a professor here, they are quite happy to take you as a student in their group. This is also a great place to apply further to work in IQC which is quite nearby.

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Sonali Mohapatra
Masters, 2014-2015
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


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