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Kupcinet-Getz Summer School

Pursuing summer internship in the Weizman Instuitute of Science Israel.

Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) has its ways of making science fun and passion for budding scientists like none other institute. I was glad to be a part of the Kupcinet Getz International Summer School, where I got a whole new experience and ways to look at research, researchers and life in a scientific setting.

The Kupcinet-Getz International Summer School accepts international undergraduate students each summer to participate in research projects in mathematics, physics, chemistry, life sciences and computer science. It conditions an undergraduate providing hands on experience in research by providing them with an opportunity to be a part of a research group at the WIS. If you want to have a career in research this is one of the best career building programs as it not only exposes u to research but helps you develop skills on communicating your research. Also you get to meet students from all over the world (from topmost universities like MIT, Harvard etc) and can assess where you stand. You get to exchange a lot of good ideas, different cultures and expand your thought processes in doing so.

To apply: You should be an undergraduate. Just need to have decent grades and a very nice abstract which states why you would like to join the summer school. Deadline closes in December every year.



Perks apart from science:

Money: Because money does matter! The fellowship is good enough for decent stay in Israel. You could also save some till the end. ;)

Travel: The summer school organizes two excursions around Israel. So you get to see places and eat great Mediterranean food for free !!! Additionally you could roam around and organize trips with your new international friends. If you don't get selected in the program. Don't worry! There is another way to enjoy summer in WIS. Write to a professor or professors in WIS whose work you are interested in, and if they get interested in you they fund you and you are invited as a visiting student. You get a higher salary as well. ;)

Once you work there as a summer student, your chances of earning a PhD position in this prestigious institute goes up by 70%. So all you aspiring little scientists, I bet it's the best place to spend you summer. Nurture your intellect in the lush green gardens of WIS, the amazing summer sun and sparkling waves of the Mediterranean.


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Manjusha S Ghosh
PhD Student
University of Regensburg, Germany


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