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Go for Science

"Go for science" is a platform which aims to bring together students and researchers from around the world to facilitate the exchange of information among them. It started as a small family of graduates and alumni of reputed institutes who continually enriched the platform with their invaluable contributions, in terms of information regarding Ph.D. scholarships, academic jobs, etc. Since 2012, GfS has expanded into a global platform with students and research fellows from all over the world contributing their share of experiences and knowledge.

In order to further enhance this exchange of information, "Young Ambassadors Program" and "Science Talks" have been initiated, wherein, researchers from diverse fields present their work to a broader audience and communicate their research work in the most innovative manner. This not only encourages them to think “out of the box,” but also enables them to socialize with other researchers that finally results in a stronger research community. And last, but not the least, GfS stands on the three pillars of Connect, Contribute and Cultivate. Firstly, it aims at connecting as many students and researchers as possible, which then initiates the next step, which is to contribute. In other words, researchers share information such as Ph.D. positions, Post Doctoral fellowships, scholarships, internships, international academic gathering or funding opportunities, and also their “real life experiences” through the GfS portal, thus ensuring that those connected get benefitted from all the shared knowledge. And lastly, GfS also believes in providing an opportunity to researchers wherein they can have positive feedback to all their fantastic ideas, which can help them grow and evolve as scientists.

Young Ambassadors

GfS-YAP is meant to create a constant flow of information among university students all over the globe. In other words, it will act like an information bridge, ensuring that important notifications never go unnoticed, and reach out to all the students across the world. This would be achieved in two ways. Firstly, the young ambassador/s chosen would enlighten other students about relevant opportunities being provided by their universities. Secondly, the GfS information portal receives constant input regarding the same from enthusiastic students around the world which will also be propagated amongst the student community by these ambassador/s.

Science Scholarships

Ample scholarships go unnoticed out of inconspicuous advertisement or being latent during Google searches. We facilitate their discovery by coherently listing them here & appropriately categorizing them. We urge you to make a preliminary search in sorting out the most relevant scholarships. Subsequently, please scrutinize the scholarships in detail, prior to preparing your application within due time.

Research Institutes

Considering the global framework of modern education, conglomeration of information regarding courses offered by various institutes across the globe is unavoidable. For convenience, we have segregated bachelors, masters, doctoral, integrated courses & postdoctoral fellowships into lists in this section. It also contains important preliminary information regarding the respective courses of study.

Science Blogs

A moment of epiphany can inspire an individual for a life time. These moments arise in many ways but essentially out of experiences we have. Meeting a Nobel laureate, receiving adulation while presenting your work at a conference, or even an internship can give us such experiences, which might inspire us, leaving us craving for more. My Diary is a place to jot down such experiences of yours.

Science Talks

Science Talks aim to bring together past, present and future PhDs, and other experts to improve their academic network. They meet regularly in a casual manner, have some drinks together and talk about any topic they may be interested, such as thesis writing, teaching, lab work, publishing, alternative career paths, academia, and job searching... you name it!

Submit Your Article

“A thousand candles can be lit by a single candle and yet not diminish the first candle’s light (Anonymous)”. Such is the power of sharing. We are making our best efforts to collect all the information. However, we request you to kindly share any information regarding fellowships, courses, experiences etc. This will facilitate the process of gathering information manifolds, which is fundamental.

Go for Science

Young Ambassadors Program

GfS-YAP is meant to create a constant flow of information among students all over the globe. It will act as an information bridge, ensuring that essential notifications never go unnoticed, and reach out to the students across the world. This would be achieved in two ways. Firstly, the chosen young ambassador/s would provide other students and researchers with relevant opportunities being offered by their universities. Secondly, the "Go for Science" receives constant input regarding the same from enthusiastic students and researchers which will also be propagated amongst the student community by the ambassador/s.

Science Talk at your city

In today's world of collaborative research, its just not enough to be “good” at science, but, it is equally important to be strongly connected to other researchers in our vicinity. A well connected academic network is like a two-edged sword. Firstly, it helps propagate ideas among the researchers, and secondly, it makes space for more information to reach the individuals new to this field.
Most often, we discover that due to poor communication and networking, the same problems continue to persist from one "batch" of researchers to the next. And, not surprisingly, most of them can be solved just by speaking and exchanging ideas with each other.
So, through “Science Talks”, we can create platforms where everyone shares, and learns together.

Please register your city, and let the talks begin!!!

Go for Science - an ocean of opportunities

It’s said that “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”. However, most often, the gap between the two becomes difficult to bridge due to a dearth of platforms that can provide necessary information regarding opportunities available in terms of PhD positions, scholarships, academic jobs, etc. Consequently, Go for Science was launched as a platform in order to overcome this very gap. It provides a unique and exciting blend of information regarding scholarships, PhD positions, etc. and first hand experiences of scholarship holders and students pursuing higher studies across the globe. In other words, GfS ensures that potential young talents not only get sufficient knowledge about opportunities (such as scholarships, PhD positions, internships, etc) “straight out of the books”, but also get a feeling of “real life experiences” that students share on the website.

As of now, quite a number of students have already benefitted from GfS’s plethora of information regarding opportunities in scientific research, and have set out towards achieving their dreams. Therefore, looking at the overwhelming response from students, it aims to further expand its knowledge base, not only in terms of providing information regarding scholarships etc, but also enriching it with several first hand experiences of students.