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Are you aware of the 'butterfly effect'? Butterfly effect is defined as the sensitive dependence of some physical systems on their initial conditions.This means, when you run a physical system with slightly different initial conditions, it results in large differences in a later state of the system. But why are we referring to the notion of the butterfly effect?

The reason is, analogous to the concept of the butterfly effect, slight differences in the opportunities you get in life can have a great stake on how your career shapes in the glorious future to come. True! But, do such opportunities exist? Now, you have to trust us on this. THEY DO EXIST! We are not exaggerating even slightly. We are midst opportunities in this world! The impediment lies in the fact that, we mostly remain unaware of them at crucial junctures of our lives.

So, how does the 'Go for Science' platform come into the picture?

Being graduates and alumnus of reputed institutes across the globe, the experience we have gathered over the course of these building years endows us with the knowledge of providing requisite counselling and bringing to you each such opportunity that we know or come across and to create any, if possible. Go for Science is one such initiative about helping you find new opportunities around the globe in the field of science, be it PhD positions, Post Doctoral fellowships, scholarships, internships, international academic gathering or funding opportunities. We compile all the available information in this context and bring it you coherently on this webpage.

What do we get out of it? Pleasure. We simply want the next generation of students to be cognizant of the available opportunities and make the best out of themselves. This will more than sufficiently satiate us.


Ample fellowships go unnoticed out of inconspicuous advertisement or being latent during Google searches. We facilitate their discovery by coherently listing them here & appropriately categorizing them. We urge you to make a preliminary search in sorting out the most relevant fellowships. Subsequently, please scrutinize the fellowships in detail, prior to preparing your application within due time.

Considering the global framework of modern education, conglomeration of information regarding courses offered by various institutes across the globe is unavoidable. For convenience, we have segregated bachelors, masters, doctoral, integrated courses & postdoctoral fellowships into lists in this section. It also contains important preliminary information regarding the respective courses of study.

My Diary
A moment of epiphany can inspire an individual for a life time. These moments arise in many ways but essentially out of experiences we have. Meeting a Nobel laureate, receiving adulation while presenting your work at a conference, or even an internship can give us such experiences, which might inspire us, leaving us craving for more. My Diary is a place to jot down such experiences of yours.

“A thousand candles can be lit by a single candle and yet not diminish the first candle’s light (Anonymous)”. Such is the power of sharing. We are making our best efforts to collect all the information. However, we request you to kindly share any information regarding fellowships, courses, experiences etc. This will facilitate the process of gathering information manifolds, which is fundamental.



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